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• High-power LED provides a maximum output of 1300 lumens.
• Unique combination of close-range low beam and far-reaching high beam.
• Cut-off low beam, glare-free for oncoming road users.
• Customize lighting settings for different cycling scenarios via Magicshine App.
• Lightweight out-front mount installs the light underneath most handlebars.
• Dual-button brightness control, jump to high beam with a single push.
• Powered by 2*18500 battery cells with a total capacity of 3200mAh.
• USB-C rechargeable.
• One-piece seamless aluminum housing for efficient heat dissipation and optimum performance.
• Memory function saves the last selected mode.
• Lock function to avoid mis-operation.
• IPX6 waterproof rating, heavy rain resistant.

The EVO 1300 packs a punch with its 1300-lumen output and 150m beam distance, letting you safely navigate from
busy streets to country paths and even challenging terrain.

The EVO 1300 differentiates itself from other lights in its unique optical lens system. The specially-designed lens is
shaped in such a way as to cast a low beam with a clear cut-off line, which keeps the beam towards the road but out
of the eyes of other road users. This makes the roads safer for every road participant and especially suitable for urban
riding or commuting in high-traffic areas. When you need more light for faster riding or off-road trails, you can switch
to a high beam with the touch of a button. The EVO 1300’s high beam extends beyond the usual cut-off line, providing
extra illumination to spot obstacles ahead and navigate curves effectively.



The EVO 1300 light also stands out for its innovative mounting system that conserves handlebar space. The light is
positioned beneath while the bike computer sits on top. The lightweight out-front mount features a convenient Garmin
quick-release design, making light installation and removal incredibly easy and swift, taking only a few seconds.

Achieving flawless illumination is effortlessly within reach, courtesy of the Magicshine App. This ingenious tool em-
powers you to fine-tune your lighting preferences, introduce fresh modes, and calibrate brightness levels to align per-
fectly with your specific needs. A dual-button arrangement on the light unit further simplifies accessing the ideal illumi-
nation for any scenario. Away from the city, you can unleash full 1300 lumens of high beam at the touch of a
full output button. In addition, you can also easily toggle between low beam and high beam via the wireless
remote control. No more removing your hands from the handlebars, and ride with ease all day and all night.


Powered by a 3200mAh battery, the EVO 1300 boasts a dependable day-long runtime, and when you do need more
juice, you can recharge the battery via the USB-C port. Moreover, the EVO 1300 is built around a sleek aluminum
housing that offers a compact and lightweight form factor while nimble enough to dissipate heat and resist the ele-

ments. An IPX6 waterproof rating means the light runs well in all riding conditions and illuminates your way even in
heavy rain.

If you’re an all-weather commuter or have a partly pitch-black ride, this EVO 1300 is your steadfast companion.




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