Enduro de la Pipe 2020 sponsored by Magicshine

Enduro de la Pipe 2020
Saint-Claude, Franche-Comte, France
AUG 22 AT 4 PM – AUG 23 AT 6 PM UTC+02
Sponsored By Magicshine
Hosted by Enduro Jura and Haut Jura Saint Claude


Sponsored By Magicshine
What do you get when you combine top EWS and MTB riders, French baguettes, a tiny bike competition with newest and high performed Magicshine light and blind racing? The Sixth Annual Enduro Jura. Tucked away in the beautiful Jura Mountains of France are some of the most rugged and unique enduro trails in the world and who better to organize, design and build these trails than none other than top MTB rider and Jura local François Bailly-Maitre. What can riders expect? Tough and demanding trails.
It was in Jura mountain, that the riders had an appointment. Each participant was welcomed by Magicshine and Haut Jura Saint Claude. They also received a bottle of  beer brewed locally in Jura and a piece of comté, cheese local pride. Some came with muddy legs, cause the organization had allowed recognition of two stages. A total of 84kms and 5,470m of negative elevation (stages and shuttles combined) awaited the riders. An intense program!

Preparation for the racing track

All riders were ready to start their Enduro Jura journey today. They got their time tracker and the competition can began.For night they got the bike lights sponsored by Magicshine. The Special stage 0 was the warm up of the day. The competitors started from the hotel location to the start of the first stage and get a taste of what would be ahead today.
Satarday Aug 22
Stage 1: 1.7 kms / 450 m– Yesterday’s storm in the Jura Mountains made the first stage tricky and muddy. One of the most technical trails of the weekend was very challenging for everyone. The first part was real fun with some off camber sections that were pretty hazardous when wet. Riders had to keep their head up and look ahead to avoid the traps on the trail and the very technical corners.
Stage 2: 2.2 km / 480 m – After the SP1 into the woods, the second start of the day took Enduro Jura riders to the next stage with less mud and many more rocks. A classic track but renewed this year with more berms, or just some banket to get a bit of grip. Lots of rhythm in that one, pretty steep as well.
Stage 3: 1.4 km / 300 m – Short stage, but a lot of fun. Not too much to say except that everyone enjoyed it. A few blind jumps, with no real danger, so everyone could send it.
Stage 4: 3.2 km / 540 m – A must do here, everyone loved this stage! It was very flowy, and fun to ride. It could be very fast sometimes and then pretty narrow. The trail also started to dry a bit with the coming sun and riders were able to manage more speed.
Stage 5: 2.2 km / 400 m – New trail to end the day on something fresh and fun! A succession of flowy turns offered some great speed, then a short pedally section lead riders to a more off-camber section, where riders needed to manage thier speed to make sure they could turn.
Sunday Aug 23
Stage 6: 3.9 km / 680 m– The stage of the day here in the Jura, everyone loved these trails! At the top of the trail it was fast and open, then you ride into a more technical trail, a long traverse that leads you to a short but steep and difficult climb. The hardest part was a flat section just above the climb that joined a nice section of single track in the pine trees. Then a lot a different terrain leads you to the river where the finish line waited for riders to come in. End of timing was at the beginning of the bridge across the river.
Stage 7: 4 km / 715 m– Same stage as 2017 with some improvements to make it easier and more fun. For the second stage of the day, riders had to ride a narrow trail above massive cliffs down to river crossing and arrive at most the physical section, one minute to a minute and a half of hard pedaling. Then they crossed a small wood bridge and finally arrived to a sequence of tight, sometimes slippery pins. We’ve seen lot of mechanical issues on this stage with four broken chains!
Stage 8: 5.7 km / 780 m– The first stage of the day began with a 10 kilometer shuttle ride with breathtaking views at the top of this stage. Everyone can see all the way to the end of the valley as far as the eye can see. The start was on an open ridge which get steeper and steeper, so riders had to stay in control and try and not ride too crazy. After a section in the woods they joined a traverse which dropped them to a fast pedaly section. After a quick road ride with a neutralized section, this was the second part of the stage, one of the most rocky of the event.
37 kms, 2670m D- / 500m D+ Sunday was the second and last day of competition for the ENDURO JURA 2020 By Magicshine. A sunny day with the three long stages.

The most exciting part is night riding. Because of long night and schedule rider needed to play at night too. For night riding this year Magicshine were the sponsor of lighting.Magicshine is one the most famous and renowned brand in bike light industry.Magicshine provided very powerful and high lumen bike lights which were very interesting issue for this EWS.

So this time night became more intersting , gift enjoyable night ride and brought the new era of competition with Magicshine bike lights.Some riders still gossip after whole day of riding ,they got a huge chance to meet up after long COVID-19 rest and show-off their performance that night.


As i said before, the short videos of riding shown the courage and encouragement of riders.They even felt no difference between day and night ride because of Magicshine light as they are riding smooth and confidently.

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