2020 China Tibet Cycle Challenge

25 mountains over 4000 meters, a total cycling course of 2160km. 13 riders (including one female rider) started from Chengdu, and their destination was Lhas. During the process, riders had experience four seasons in a short term, especially on the mountain, although it was summer, there was heavy snows, and the temperature was unexpected low. Since riders couldn’t ride their bikes in the snow, they chose to take the bike, and walk towards the destination.

During the process, they encouraged each other, and tried hard to finish the eight days race.  

This was not just a challenge about skills or energy, but more of mental and spirits. Riders had to ride in heavy rains and snows at the 3000 meters mountain. There was no extra food, clothes or bike repair was available for riders,all needs to be figured by themselves. They had to travel for a long distance, to find a restaurant and hotel to have a rest.Many riders quit this challenge due to exhausted body, or heavy injuries. Only 5 riders finally made it (including that female rider), with strong independent personality and strong determination.

Along the way, Magicshine bike lights(ALLTY 2000/ALLTY 1000/ SEEMEE 100) went with every riders, to light up their way in dark, fog, rains, forests and tunnels.
 “ The light is my life saving” commented Li.

Magicshine will keep supporting Tibet Cycle Riders in the future events, strengthening their confidence and protecting them within our ability.

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