How to Protect Ourselves from COVID-19

How to Protect Ourselves from COVID-19

Hi all,
COVID-19 has  disrupted the whole world, and everyone’s life and work have been affected. In order to get through this, all human kind needs to work together and support each other. 
Been fighting with COVID-19 for over 3 months, there is some experience we’d  like to share  with you, hope we and our beloved ones will stay safe. 

Ride safely
Cycling is still a good way to build up our body, but we need to keep distance with others, and please avoid group riding ,indoor training, group races and bike shares. As virus can spread via spit,  sweat and touches. 

Control your riding time.
Mental or physical stress caused by long term hard ride, can slightly decrease your immune system. So we suggest you to consider shorter routes and regular exercises. Thanks to the OLED screen, ALLTY 2000 is able to remind you the riding time.And if you consider to ride at night, as less people go out then, ALLTY 2000 will give you massive confidence of vision. 

Equip well
If you cycle during daytime,  turn on the DRL (daytime running light) mode of bike light, to warn coming vehicles.
Do remember to take a good rear light, to remind other riders and drivers to keep distance with you. 
Our new SEEMEE rear lights can sense the nature light,  adjust modes automatically to increase warning efficiency, and give you all-around protection.

Bottom line, do take masks if you have to go out.

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The dark time will end, together we walk to the light. 
See more do better.

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